Thursday, February 7, 2008

Woes of Taffeta

Ok, so I work at David's Bridal as a non-bridal consultant. In layman's terms I can sell everything except wedding dresses. So I sell bridesmaids, mother of the bride, flower girl, and prom dresses. I really like it. I know I'm surprised that I could ever like retail but I really like it. The people are super nice and easy to get along with. I don't work enough to get sick of it. But there is one thing that is wrong with it: I've started to think that taffeta is a normal occurrence in everyday life.

I used to call this LOHGS...this stands for Lack-of-Hot-Guy-Syndrome. This is a disease that young girls get at camp. They start to want to date boys that they wouldn't under any other circumstance outside of the camp world. It is because there is nothing else around so they avert to wanting to date the boy that's in front of them...aka desert island syndrome aka LOHGS.

This applies to dresses because looking around and taffeta is all I see and taffeta looks GREAT. If I were to ever get married I kinda promised myself that my bridesmaids would wear dresses they would pick out for themselves to go to the wedding in. No unnatural colors like sea foam, sage, or peach. Now that I'm surrounded by brightly colored taffeta colors like clover, and cornflower are looking really good on taffeta!

All I can think is, I better have a five or more year gap in between this job and my fictional wedding.


  1. LOHGS...I've never heard of it, but it explains a helluva lot. :-) PS: Back away from the Taffeta.