Thursday, December 3, 2015

Boot Cuffs

Last Christmas I was a knitting fiend.  I'm fairly certain I had all of my knitted projects completed by this time.  I knitted something like 9+ hats, 7+ boot cuffs, a cowl, and 3 mice.  Do I have good pictures of any of them, no!  Of course not!  I was too busy getting them wrapped up and ready to go and feeling exceedingly proud of myself. 

I will not do that again this year!  That’s mostly because I’m making very few of my gifts.  Right now I have a squirmy 2 month old napping in my lap as I type away.  So as a first time mother, I feel very busy.  My time is mostly occupied by every whim of this tiny little boy who only wants to be in constant contact with his momma.

Anyhow here is a free pattern for one of the boot cuffs I made last year.  I especially loved these.  Just be careful to get the right gauge that works for you.  Otherwise you will have cuffs that don’t make it past your calves or ones that won’t stay up! 

Here is a blurry cell phone pick of these.  I apologize for this and hope that I won’t make the same mistake of not taking quality pictures!

Friday, June 19, 2015

I've been knitting more and more and it has become close to an addiction.  I made this sweet baby blanket in white, mint, and grey.  It was made using the double seed stitch and has a garter stitch border.  I also decided to knit on circular needles just because I find the flexibility a lot more comfortable.  I basically exclusively knit on circular or DPNs. 

I like these two stitches for a blanket because they look the same on the right and wrong sides.  No matter how the blanket is laying it always looks beautiful.

As you can tell I haven't blocked it yet.  I hate blocking, but it will look so much nicer once I do!

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Jane's Intarsia Knit Hat

I love making gifts for all the nieces and nephews in my life.  This year I made a series of hats for the three little girls in my life.  I happened to make this specific hat a little small for the toddler in my life.  This would actually fit a one year old perfectly. It has a circumference of 14.5 inches and is 7.5 inches tall.  So I decided to list it on my etsy shop.    You can purchase the hat here.  If you decide  to purchase the hat use this promo code for free shipping: FSKNIT

I love the color combos.  It is a modern take on the traditional intarsia knit hat.  The crosses look like flying swallows. 

If you are feeling ambitious you can get the knitting pattern here.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Welcome to Fall

Last week I worked with my husband to make this cute little yard sign.  "Give Thanks and Be Grateful."  I thought it was a perfect message for fall and Thanksgiving.  I may even put greenery around it after Thanksgiving too.  Who knows!

I hand painted the sign with acrylic paint and it has faired very well through a very rainy week!

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

More Bass

To my party lover girl friends...

Check out my sweets and champagne bar.

Grab some bubbly marking your drink with these fun colored "All About That Bass" straw markers.

No need to count calories because every inch of you is perfect from the bottom to the top!

You can find all of these fun All About that Bass Meghan Trainer inspired party paper goods here at my etsy shop!

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Free November Calendar!

I'm trying to keep up with a blogging calendar now that I'm doing it a lot more often.  Well, of course I had to make a cute calendar that I can actually write on.  It helps me process.


I always feel old when time moves by too quickly.  It's been an amazing fall this year with great weather and many blessings!  I'm ready for the Thankful/Grateful season of November.

Here is a fall themed table scape I did the other day.

My napkins are folded and sitting up in a wire basket that I found in the Target $ spot area.  It was $3!  I feel particularly proud of that this year.  

My favorite part was using my tree slices as a charger.  I used these tree slices as part of centerpieces for my wedding (4 years ago!!) and now they are spread throughout the house with all kinds of things like vases and candles on top of them.

I also always like to add different heights of interest at a table.  So I turned my brass bowl upside down and set up a dessert plate on top.

I love mixing grey/tans/browns/gold/silver tones together.  I think it makes for a warm comforting feeling.

If you like the printable table decorations you can find them in my etsy shop!  They are so easy to use, you can print them at home and just write names or sweet messages on them and add that extra finish to your fall or Thanksgiving table!