Thursday, December 3, 2015

Boot Cuffs

Last Christmas I was a knitting fiend.  I'm fairly certain I had all of my knitted projects completed by this time.  I knitted something like 9+ hats, 7+ boot cuffs, a cowl, and 3 mice.  Do I have good pictures of any of them, no!  Of course not!  I was too busy getting them wrapped up and ready to go and feeling exceedingly proud of myself. 

I will not do that again this year!  That’s mostly because I’m making very few of my gifts.  Right now I have a squirmy 2 month old napping in my lap as I type away.  So as a first time mother, I feel very busy.  My time is mostly occupied by every whim of this tiny little boy who only wants to be in constant contact with his momma.

Anyhow here is a free pattern for one of the boot cuffs I made last year.  I especially loved these.  Just be careful to get the right gauge that works for you.  Otherwise you will have cuffs that don’t make it past your calves or ones that won’t stay up! 

Here is a blurry cell phone pick of these.  I apologize for this and hope that I won’t make the same mistake of not taking quality pictures!

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