Monday, April 7, 2008

A new day

So every now and then I go to the library and pick up all of the easy to read books about a craft.
This is how I learned to crochet and knit. Over Christmas I got books about origami and used odd bits of wrapping paper to make animals and put them in the Christmas tree.
So on Saturday I went to the library yet again and got a bunch of books on embroidery. (and a couple of children's chapter books on tape for the drive back to school--guilty pleasures)

Anyways so I went to the basement and found some left over fabric from some curtains and went to town.



It all matches my bedspread too. AWESOME.
Can you tell that I'm just a little pleased with myself. I can't wait to improve.


  1. You're going to be a fabulous mom. I'm very impressed with you.

  2. Who said anything about being a mom? I'm going to be a fabulous citizen... who returns library books on time.

  3. I love you. I hope to be a fabulous citizen one day too.