Friday, August 8, 2008


Monday (8/4/08) I got a haircut. I hung out with my sister Emily and my friend Ashley.
Tuesday (8/5/08)I went to Blue Like Tuesdays at church
Wednesday (8/6/08) I played BUNCO for the first time. (I was the second biggest loser. Gee I couldn't even be the best at loosing.)
Thursday (8/7/08) I played laser tag with two friends from high school, tons of fun! Then we made cookies.

So ever since I've been home my life has been pretty much awesome.

To top it all off. I leave for Sunny San Diego tomorrow.


  1. I hope you're having fun in SD! I also wanted to comment on the "awesome" link... but it looks like that dang gregory guy did it already. Poo on him.

    I love the new banner on your page with all your poppets lined up in a row. :)