Tuesday, January 6, 2009


It's a new year and it is time for a new project. You may recall the last project I did. I want to do something like that again. I want to do another series project. During church tonight I was doodling more finger puppet ideas. I'm not sure I want to do finger puppets.

One of my ideas was to make a finger puppet representing each state. For example Alaska would have a parka on. Alabama would be a girl with daisy dukes and blond pigtails. The only downside to that is that there is 50! I might end up only doing Illinois and Michigan.

Another idea was to make finger puppets of family members. I'd only hope not to offend anyone.

I also have some interesting vinyl that I might try making a wallet out of or something like that.

I think I need some fresh new ideas. So leave a comment and tell me what you think! Please.

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  1. KK: I have a challenge for you. I have a close friend who is getting his kidney removed next week. Can you make a cute kidney related craft that I could give him in the hospital? :LW