Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Another Day for Me

So on my day off I went to Leftovers, etc. went there while men where in my house demoing the kitchen; it was loud, annoying and I had to get out. I just wanted to show people how awesome this place is.
It accepts all kinds of donations of regular everyday things. Then teachers, Sunday school teachers, home schooling mothers can buy 30 pringles cans so their students can make maracas. I go for my personal enjoyment and to feed my ever increasing and expensive craft habit. At the door there are different size paper bags. The medium one is $4 and you can fill it to the brim with anything you'd like.

So the warehouse area is just shelves after shelves of awesome junk. I mean JUNK. If you look close enough, you can find some real treasures. these SUMO buttons. I actually got a few of these thinking they'd make great centers of bows that I could put on birthday and Christmas presents to the people in my life that enjoy funny things.

So here is my stash. I got a lot of great fabric. You may remember that I made this out of some previously bought leftovers fabric. I found this awesome vintage ribbon. I have used similar ribbons on a lot of birthday presents and they've been received well so I thought I might get some more. I got the jars so that I might try to make some terrariums like in the movie Penelope. I filled the jars with wood beads (to conserve space in my bag). I think I might make a multi-tiered chunky necklace with the beads. So I got all of this for $4. So when you purchase this at the end the weigh your bag to see how much you save from the landfill. I save 4 lbs! So it is all very green.


  1. That is truly awesome. Truly.
    Where is this place?!?

  2. It is in St. Charles, not far from the river.