Thursday, May 14, 2009

Betty Day

Today was Betty Day. A few friends and I went to the loop and watched Betty get her first tattoo, how rad is that?

She was super nervous but pulled through. I was NOT a good help, I never know what to do when people aren't feeling up to par. I made one of our friends go calm her down.

Anyhow I thought that being at the tattoo parlor would make me want a tattoo really badly. I found that it affirmed the fact that I really don't want one. There is nothing in this world that could make me want to have a picture or words written on me forever. I'm just a little too straight-edge for that.

PS. I've been describing myself as straight-edge a lot lately. So i just looked it up on my favorite website,, to make sure that it is something that I want to describe myself as and here is the definition, "–adjective advocating abstinence from alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, and sex and sometimes advocating vegetarianism."
So that pegged me on the nose and even called out my lackluster attempts to be a vegetarian "sometimes."

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