Saturday, May 2, 2009

Mark all as read

I did it....

I marked all 1000+ as read.

It makes me sad that I could not keep up with normal life while doing overnights. Here is what I imagined I missed...

Some wicked giveaways...probably an awesome anthropologie tea towel (yeah I said AWESOME).
New actions to put into my photoshop.
Summer crafts.
New crochet stitches
Inspiration for decorating my room.
The latest graffiti inspired instillation art.
Hilarious cake wrecks.
The latest in anti-homemade goods law news.
The latest street fashion in New York, Helsinki, Copenhagen, Washington D.C., London, and Seattle.
Spring recipes.
And basically more tips on how to turn my blog into a mega-successful money making machine!

"alas earwax" I've marked all as read.
-are you sure?
Don't ask me again, mark all as read.

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