Sunday, May 31, 2009

So I did learn something in College

In College I took a course on trends. I know that I was a fashion merchandising major and you're probably thinking it was all about the newest colors and hem lines. I won't lie to you, we did talk about those things a little bit and how easy it is to predict what will be in fashion next season. But most of what we talked about was trends in the business world. It was something that I found really fascinating. So I occasionally look up trend reports, like Sunday morning I found an interesting article. It is something that I had been considering for a few years now.

It was about "foreverism." The idea that the way social networking sites are set up now, you will have them forever. Your photos, contacts, blogs will be on these sites forever. I've always wondered about that. Will I be on facebook when I am 85 years old to find out which of my friends are dying? Will my kids be my friend and see pictures documenting my daily life in college?

I always kind of thought that once facebook or blogger got overloaded with a trillion photos, and posts it would crash and wipe everything away and we would all have to start over again. I don't think that would be a terrible thing. It might be refreshing or even cleansing. I imagine it would happen several times in my life.

But I can't imagine deleting my profile on facebook in the forseeable future.

To bring it full circle, it's funny how this effects fashion. Fans can follow their favorite designers on twitter, and know exactly when new lines are coming out. Maybe someday as a visual merchandiser it will be up to me to update the store's twitter to let tweens all over the city know that "we have the new promo dresses for $9.50, here is a pic."

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