Friday, June 19, 2009

3 years later

I cooked Brian dinner for our 3 year anniversary and while the lasagna was baking I looked at my mess and realized that I'm like one of those kids that cooks for their parents but the parents come home and see the mess and are overwhelmed. Don't worry mom, I cleaned it up!

So I made this cake and it was delicious!!!! I made a two layer yellow cake. I also made chocolate pudding pie filling and used it in between the cake layers. Then I made more chocolate pudding and mixed some coolwhip with it and iced the cake. It is so easy and yummy...and full of tons of pudding!

This is one of the place settings...I tried to make it all fancy.

Yummy lasagna! It turned out really well. I had two big pieces for lunch today too.

I had these as place card settings. pretty cute huh...

Look at these gorgeous flowers Brian surprised me with after work!

I love him

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  1. Awe... man... that pudding cake thing sounds AWESOME!!!