Tuesday, June 16, 2009

That D*** Pool

I have been responsible for the pool and hot tub for almost a week and a half now and it is hard work.

I have cried over the dumb thing twice now! If you know me at all you also know that this is not a big feat to be made.

The first time is when I found two dead mice in one of the skimmer pots. Brian had to come over and take care of it for me. I got a nice reminder this morning when I took the garbage out to the curb and thought to myself, "UGH what died in here! It smells so bad!...oh yeah two mice." Talking about it still makes this phenomenon occur in which my face contorts and my voice resort to a four-year-0lds.

The second of which happened today. Let me preface this with the fact that we have had a lot of rain in the past two days and more is in the forecast. When I came home from work this morning at 6:30am...I took a look at the pool and noticed the water level was very high. So when I got up after sleeping at 2pm I called my dad and he told me to back wash the pool...Long story short I got it stuck on some knob that we weren't sure what it did. So I had to ask my neighbor, whom I've never said anything besides hello to, to come over and help me! We could not figure out how to do it. So after a half an hour of phone calls and awkward conversation with the neighbor I got it back to were it started and the water level is still very high.
All that work for nothing!

Remember this is the normal level....

My dad calmed me down by telling me that if the pool over flowed it would be no worse than if we just had a patio in the back yard and all the leaves would probably flow out too!

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  1. Poor Kayleigh! You can always call us for help, too. GW is pretty handy.

    At least you never saw the mice floating in the pool....I think I might throw up.