Thursday, August 27, 2009

Project Runway Season 6 Episode 2

Streaming thoughts... This is just my take of the latest PR episode as I'm watching it.

Yikes, Heidi your leopard dress is a little "Real Wives of New Jersey".
OOh maternity clothing challenge, with Rebecca Romijn...TWINS! what fun!
Eck..'mother hen.' I wouldn't want to be called that.
Those size 40 shorts are not 'some kind of fierce' it's not even that funny. If anything they are ‘some kind of ugly.’ I’m still waiting for that PR contestant who charms America with their quips.
The chicken egg top by Melvin is kind of cool.
EWW, that purple bowling ball dress is disgusting, it looks unnatural. How could you even get that on.

Was that foreshadowing? See-thru nightgown guy (Mitchell) said he was going to be eliminated.

Ra’mon thanks he is the front runner and everyone else is a hot mess. What is he eating for breakfast, a bowl full of crazy?

Melvin, is right all the designers are showing similar things.

Why is everyone still sewing?!? Time to GO.


Did Heidi look at Mitchell when she said, “the next day you’re out?”

Logan: Boring

Shirin: I liked it…very twelve by twelve

Nicholas: Gross

Christopher: RTW, nice

Mitchell: Simple, Sloppy

Qrystal: Like it

Epperson: Woah not as safe…different and looks nice.

Louise: Lingerie but I like it

Gordana: Good

Johnny: Looks like Michelle Obama


Ra’mon: HATE IT, GROSS, makes butt look huge

Carol: I kind of like the drape around the tummy

Althea: hips look big

Blue dress looks nice, too short, but RTW

They are being nicer to Ra’mon than I would have been.

Althea: the ribbon looks unfinished, I think they like it too much.

It looks exactly like the real baby could poke out of the sling.

Mitchell: I don’t think he deserves to be in PR.

Shirin is adorable, I hope she wins this week.

YEAH, Shirin won!

What, Mitchell definitely should have been out, at least Melvin knew how to sew!

Ha did you see that weird Eye Pin Melvin wore on his sweater, what’s that about.

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