Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Wednesday STARS

Here are a few of the things that I have starred on my google reader this week and why....

1. (Top left 2 pictures) Adorable vintage dresses found on "A Beautiful Mess" blog. But what really intrigues me is the background. I'm loving it. I think I am going to be cutting a scene and put it up on my wall in my bedroom. The photos are from Clever Nettle, an adorable vintage etsy shop....I just favorited it.

2. (Top Middle) The painting of the flowers in a mason jar is pretty. I am finding myself wanting paintings in my home instead of the prints I am usually attracted too. So when I saw this in the back of the latest "Made By Girl" blog I knew I had to star it. I am wondering if I could replicate something like this on my own. I'm not so sure.

3. (Top Right) This photo of the picnic-ing couple makes me want to cry it is so charming and beautiful. This photo shoot was found on "Once Wed." This couple had their engagement photos taken by Sloan Photographers. I want to have a photo shoot like this...if only it wasn't considered vain to have pictures of yourself all over your home.

4. (bottom left 6 photos) Mad Men inspired vintage dresses found on"Indie Fixx." I have the entire first season on DVD and have not yet watched it! What's wrong with me, I love 1960s fashion. It is probably my favorite, all those full skirts and high neck me! The dresses are for sale at My Favorite Vintage.

5. (Bottom Center) As a seasoned crocheter and a beginner knitter, I love winter neckwear! This scarf was found on "Scoutie Girl" blog. I LOVE this, I am coveting this! Only $72 from SeedKnits. (only a little pricey for me)

6. (Bottom Right) Another find from "Scoutie Girl." I love this photo. I think I need a series of photos similar to this in my home. It may have something to do with my love for balloons. The Light Fantastic is a shop that sells things I can afford though! I just favorited this awesome shop too!

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