Monday, October 19, 2009

Early October Stars

1. Made By Girl: Made By Girl posted about Kime Busselli's art work. I just really like her style. I want to try it out someday.

2. Attic 24: I absolutely love this blog, and especially this post. October is my FAVORITE month....just check out all of these amazing fall photos. This one is from the ideal homes calender.

3. Once Wed: I just love this photo. I also enjoy reading up on men's fashion. If I were a boy I would dress like that.

4. The Small Object Steno Pad: I just love the vintage looking fabrics in this fall inspired patchwork piece.

5. Drew-o-rama: Drew posted a blog about Amanda Wachob's tattoos. I've never seen anything like them. I just like anything that goes against the naturally I think these are awesome.

6. Once Wed: This is from a '30s inspired wedding. I think this might be a photo of the guests! How awesome is this picture? I would put this is my house, if I had one.

7. Craftzine Blog: I just think this is cute and looks nice on a wall. It's worth trying, the supplies are virtually free. It might look like you have trash on your wall in the end...but it could be cool.

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