Monday, November 9, 2009

Brown Paper Packages Tied Up with String

When Where the Wild Things Are came out in theaters there was this fort building competition. I did not find out about it until after it was over, when my favorite blogger built one with her friends.

So here is mine....

(I love my blanket my great grandma Launa made, I'm crocheting a blanket for my mom now, and my toms are awesome)

and all of my favorite things....

( Caffiene Free Diet Coke, Colored Pencils, People Pencil Sharpeners, Little Women, Harry Potter, bird vase, elephant tea pot, The Independent Woman sketchbook, Urban Outfitters mattress pad, iphone, anthropologie catalog, Ready Made Mag, Bible)

here is the overview

(Yeah I knitted a sweater for my lamp...what of it?)

I couldn't resist a portrait of Brownie; my best friend of 23 years.

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