Thursday, January 14, 2010

Project Runway Season 7 Episode 1

Here are the lucky 16 and my notes on them after seeing the show.   Tell me what you think!

Seth Aaron:  He is this "cool" Dad.  His designs have a vintage feel with a hard edge.  Seth Aaron talked about adding hard ware to his designs.  I love to merchandise this kind of look so I'm drawn to him.  i think that his style is hilarious because he is kind of old.  When I saw him choose the plaid, I got excited.  not many people picked a print.  The zippers intrigued me, but plaid and zippers is not a new thought.  When I saw his look on the runway my exact thoughts were, "Cute, looks like a 15 year-old would wear it, very Forever 21."  I was not shocked to see him in the top three.  I thought he did a good job.  I look forward to future designs.

Jeneane:  I was excited that she was from Portland, Oregon based solely on the fact that Portland is the mecca of all things hipster.  She is not hipster.  From her first few words the producers showed us that she is emotional...hello cry baby of PR season 7.  She first decided to do a black dress and I thought that was a boring/bad move for the first challenge.  Then she changed her mind, cried about it.  I was over it.  Her final product was wearable in my opinion.  Her garment passed her through to next week.

Ping:  She is a physical therapist.  I love it when scientists become fashion designers.  They have such a different perspective.  She is weird to say the least but she also stands out against everyone else.  When I saw her runway all I could think was unique and a little weird.  I did like her scarf thing though.  I was surprised to see her in the top three, but maybe I shouldn't have.  These unique, different viewed people don't usually last long in PR might as well give her your attention before she starts to bore.  People like ping tend to not vary from their one style.  PS:  Pay attention to the cartoony music they play in the background when talking to Ping. I guess they don't want us to take her seriously.

Ben:  He has some kind of history in comic book illustration, which is intriguing.  When I saw his runway garment I thought it looked ok and homemade.  I would have put him in the bottom three.  We'll see if he can do better next week.  But thus far I am not impressed.

Anthony:  This kid claims to be from the ghetto in Alabama, currently residing in Atlanta.  He aspires to be a Miss USA gown designer.  I believe that goal is reachable.  This kid is funny and could add a lot of personality to the show.  His fabric choice was gross, so lame.  When was the last time any kind of fabric like that was in style.  The fabric looked cheap.  For his final garment I couldn't get passed the hideousness of the fabric but liked the idea of the volume on the bottom.  He was in the bottom three.  I would have outed him of all the bottom three contestants, but his red panted behind was saved by Heidi.

Jay:  HELLO, he is a visual merchandiser and lead stylist for Gap Kids.  No wonder we have the same scarf!  (I used to be a visual merchandiser for Gap, too!)  So we are kindred spirits.  Anyways his portfolio is impressive with high volume dresses.  I really like his runway garment.  It had some volume at the pockets and this weird puff at the bellybutton that I could have done without, but other than that I really liked it!  He was a middle man.  I might be a little bit biased but I'm excited to see more from Jay.

Pamela:  She used to do advertisement and this is her second career.  Her final garment was this voluminous pink thing.  I liked the silhouette but it needed pressing.  I can't imagine she will get very far.  But, hey, Pam's got such a go getter personality who knows what will happen.

Anna:  I think she is too cute.  She has an anthropologie feel and is my style for sure.  While watching her design and sew all I could think about was how much she is my favorite and I would want her to design my wedding dress.  I loved her final garment thought it was too cute and totally for me.  She passed on the middle.  Even though I like her style, I'm still objective enough to know she didn't deserve to be in the top three.  So hopefully she will step it up next time because I want her to be around a while.

Jonathan:  His portfolio had a lot of hand dyed and painted fabrics and described it as when gritty meets pretty.  I liked that thought and want to see some of that in the future.  All I could think of when I saw his runway was good, ok, not great.  I am looking forward to see what he can really do.

Jesse:  He works at Disney World as a pirate, how funny.  I liked his garment; it had a vintage look.  We didn't really get to see much of Jesse at all on this episode.  He was in the middle.  I like his personal style too so I'm pumped to see more of him next week.

Mila:  Her history is in costume design for TV and film.  Her final garment was a suit.  It looked like Liz Claiborne, boring.  I'm not excited to see more of her.  Her garment scores were in the middle.

Maya:  She takes risks, loves music, and has a rocker feel.  I thought her final look was fun and she will be a serious contender.  I thought she should have been close to the top but she was in the middle.  I want to see more from her.

Christiane:  She described her work as couture.  While she was working I was thinking that her garment was BRIGHT, not in a good way.  When I saw her runway I thought it looked ok, but the back looked really weird with the draping chiffon disappearing in the seam.  She was in the bottom three and then out-ed.  I thought her personality was lacking, and I wasn't upset about her leaving.  My last thought was, "eh, no hard feelings."

Jesus:  He described himself as having imagination and doing evening dress and couture.  I was interest to see what he would do.  While he was working I thought that his idea for a leather mermaid dress was weird.  I was open to see his final product and thought he would end up doing a mini dress.  His final runway look was off; just bad taste.  He was in the bottom three and my second choice to leave after Anthony.  But Jesus prevailed.  I'm not excited to see what he can do.  Nothing about his garment made me think he was capable of more.

Emilio:  He is a New Yorker and does costumes but wants to design for the people.  I love it when people aspire to design for the people.  He made me nervous that he wouldn't finish his garment, oh Lifetime producers you got me!  I really liked his final garment, the ribbon detail was impeccable.  Emilio was in the top three and the winner and has immunity for next week.  He wasn't my top choice but it wasn't undeserved.  So a pat on the back for you Emilio.

Amy:  She says she is innovative and his some Iranian influence.  I don't quite see the influence yet but I like her aesthetic.  I liked her final garment.  She scored in the middle.  I want to see more from her.  We didn't get to see much of her at all in this episode.

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