Thursday, January 7, 2010

Stirring up Emotions

Is there a word for the act of planning a wedding? Because I keep wanting to say that I have been weddinging.

So I've been weddinging all week. I bought a few vases for center pieces (more on that later). I went vendor shopping. I make at least one phone call every day on my lunch to get more information and make appointments and such. The good thing is I'm learning to make decisions. the bad thing is I still don't have a ceremony or reception site or date. I think this will be done by the end of next week.

So tonight I organized all the information I received at the bridal show and started looking at dresses on etsy!
I'm pretty sure I'm going to buy this whether or not I wear it at a wedding event.

If this came in my size it would be a serious contender.

I can wear yellow in my wedding...right?

I LOVE this. I get tingling feelings looking at it.

Just because it's AWESOME! If I was rockabilly this would be my wedding dress hands down. It makes me think of my eldest sister. If she were getting married today I would try to convince her to wear something like this. Can't you picture it on a curvy girl with purple hair and brightly colored tattoos!


  1. kayleigh, your wedding will be absolutely beautiful no matter what. you're going to look the shiz like you always do and its going to be so much fun! even if moncey talks the whole time hahahah

  2. Oh yay, weddings. Have you set a date? I'm having mine next year some time. I'm torn between making a dress and getting a vintage one. I just can't make up my mind!! Good luck getting yours, I look forward to reading all about your preparations :)

  3. You're an awesome weddinginger...

  4. "Wedmin"
    All the admin, or boring organisation that you have to do when you're planning your wedding, that takes over your entire life and is likely to turn you into a bridezilla. Side effects can include an unfortunate familiarity with place settings and exact colours of ribbon trims.
    "We spent the whole weekend doing wedmin, but at least now we've booked the caterer and the band."
    PS: I love the last dress!