Sunday, August 22, 2010

Hand-Made Sunday

I'm making some fabric bunting for the wedding.  I'm making a lot so I wanted to make it in a time efficient manner.  Here's how I'm doing it...
Here was all the supplies that I needed to make the wedding bunting.
After buying the fabric that I wanted to make my flags out of I found this pinking shear shaped rotary cutter.  It would have taken me a full day of cutting fabric to get all of the flags with my pinking shears.  This rotary cutter only took me one distracted hour while watching Gilmore Girls.

I should have taken a better picture of the flags because each pile is about 2 inches tall of fabric!  That's a LOT of flags.

I use this bias tape to sew the flags too.  Double fold really looks much better than the single fold.  I bought this on accident.  It cost considerably less than the double fold, so I'm not that upset about it.  You saw how many flags I have, so I'm going to need a lot of that tape!

It's really too much of a hassle to pin the flags to the tape, so I just take it as it comes.  I line up the end of the flag under the fold of the flag.  I put my needle in it and then line up the rest of the flag.  I used a zigzag stitch because it's cute and I think it will hold well.

I just keep it lined up by holding it together with my fingers.

Here is the end result!  It's a line of flags.  They are going to add a lot to make that wedding atmosphere in my outdoor wedding.

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