Thursday, August 19, 2010

I miss it...

With all of the wedding stuff going on, I miss crafting for crafting sakes and for other people.  I miss crocheting.  We all know that crocheting decreases immensely in the summer in general.  This happens because who wants to tote a lot of yarn around and have half of a wool blanket on you while your at the pool.  The nights are finally starting to cool down and I would love for crocheting to come back in my life.
Here is a blanket that I made earlier this year for this special guy, Oliver Feltes.  I love making blankets but I don't own any myself because I always give them away!
I would love to make a blanket for Brian and I like the one from Parks and Recreation.  It looks like one Urban Outfitters used to sell.  I can tell that the hook and yarn used are smaller than I like to do blankets.  That means it will take more yarn and more time!  I think it would be worth it to make something special for my home.  I like all of the colors too.
I'm constantly inspired to make beautiful things like the ones Attic24 makes.  Her blog is amazing and she takes pictures of the English countryside that are very inspiring.  Her colors are not my taste but they sure are pretty.
Check out this yarn collection!  I'm drooling a little bit.  I never think to use so many colors in something that I've crocheted.  When I make a blanket for myself I will!

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  1. I have several afghans made by my grandma that look just like the parks and rec one. You should make one... extra big... they are sooooooo warm and comfy in the winter!!