Sunday, August 8, 2010

Summer Reads

Here is what I'm reading now...
I'm in the middle of this book now.  It is so cute.  It is written with such colorful language.  It's as if Alan Bradley had spent his whole life reading and studying 19th century literature and then decided to write a children's novel.  The sentences are so buoyant and complex.  You'd think Alan Bradley was crazy for attempting to write the children's novel after studying all of that old english literature, but you're wrong!  It's great and sweet.  It reminded me how beautiful language can be, even today.
"Something came over Father's eyes, and I saw that he had vanished down one of those personal rabbit holes which so often engulfed him.  I sometimes wondered if I would ever learn to live with his sudden silences.  But then, like a jammed clockwork toy that jerks abruptly back to life when it's flicked with a finger, he went on with his story as if there had been no interruption."
Flavia de Luce is our heroine, who loves chemistry of all things.  Why did Alan Bradley think he would ever write a good children's novel?  But he did, he wrote about a clever little girl with an old soul.  She takes it upon herself to solve a crime that had been committed in her home.
Even though I already know how the story will end, because it is a children's book, I can't wait to read the rest of it!

This cover is for the large print edition.  Yep, I got the large print edition from the library.  There are always less requests on the large print than the regular copies.  That tip was for free.

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