Monday, September 13, 2010


As Brian likes to say, "We are kicking this wedding's a**!"
Brian and I are spending every spare moment we have checking off things on our list and I feel good about it.  I just focus on the moment and the fact that I'm not wasting time anymore.

Shoe's are still a bit of a dilemma  for me.  I have bought two pairs from zappos. com and I'm not satisfied with either yet....

what to do?
This is the perfect color and they are VERY cute and would probably look great with my dress...BUT...they are so stinkin high!  I can't make it in those!

These were perfect.  The right height, sophisticated.  They came in a stark white.  My mom said they looked blue; and they did.  They were expensive anyways and I didn't want to have to pay to get them dyed!

Okay.  I'm going to sleep on it.


  1. Have you looked at DSW?
    Just a couple on a quick search I noticed: (I own these -- they were my wedding shoes -- and if you wear an 8.5 and like them, you can borrow mine!)

  2. those are great shoes! Your's are beautiful too! too bad I need like a 7!