Friday, February 11, 2011

BM Dresses

I’ve been asked to be in my sister-in-laws wedding! I’m really excited. They got engaged in Panama around Christmas. It’s going to have a kind of tropical theme. So of course I’ve been thinking about bridesmaid’s dresses!

**I will joyfully wear whatever she wants me to wear. I’m not going to show her any of these dresses or put my two cents in because my opinion doesn’t matter. She is the bride, she gets to pick whatever she wants and I will pay for it. I will look awesome in whatever she picks.**

I think that there are no rules for bridesmaid’s dresses. When you get a bunch of girls in a row wearing the same thing or something similar, or heck just put flowers in their hands; they look like bridesmaids. With a tropical theme in mind this is what I found…

Dress 1 here; Dress 2 here; Dress 3 here; Dress 4 here

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  1. Wow! Your bridesmaid’s dresses are looking awesome. The design and color of every bridesmaid’s dresses are really unique and exclusive. Your collection is so strong that I can't ignored