Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Year of the Rabbit

Today is the Chinese New Year; the year of the Rabbit.  I made stir fry and egg rolls for dinner to celebrate.  I should have worn red.  Anyhow it made me reminisce over my trip to Hong Kong a few years ago.  It was in January of 2007 (i think).  Isn't it weird how we can forget what year we took a trip across the world to CHINA?  but we do.

We saw some really beautiful temples, with awesome details.

We ate some really weird food; and some really good food.

I just like the idea that the Chinese have a good humor about themselves.

I think this might be graves.  Little areas where you can put some one's ashes in a temple.  If you open these little windows up you would see a name and maybe even a picture.  I took a lot of pictures of things that I probably shouldn't have because they were sacred.  At the time, my 20 year old self did not care so much.

All the lovely people I got to experience Hong Kong with.  My brother, sister-in-law, mom and dad.

The amazing city of Hong Kong and Kowloon.  I've never felt like so much of a country bumpkin in my life!  

Now that I know I can handle a large and crowded city like Hong Kong.  Shouldn't someone take me to New York next?

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  1. Yes, I would agree that someone should ;)