Monday, April 11, 2011

Handmade Gifts

People generally make the mistake of thinking that home-made gifts are economical.

They're not.

I love to crochet!  I do it because I think it is fun.  It gives me a sense of accomplishment.  I love to crochet gifts for people.  I think about that person while I crochet for hours.   It gives me such joy to give those time consuming gifts to people I love.

All that to say, buying the yarn for my crocheted gifts usually average $20-$30.  A simple gift like a blanket takes me 6 hours.  Complicated gifts like animals take me forever!  I love it.  Pictures like this make me want to cry they are so precious.

found here

Sewing on the other hand might be economical.  I can always find fabric discounted or being practically given away and making something like a tiny dress or romper, usually only take a couple of hours!  I might start sewing more...  I don't know?


  1. I have seen huge quilts and complicated afghans at thrift stores and always feel bad for the person who made it. I just know they made it special for someone who didn´t appreciate it so they gave it away. Those things are never priced what they would have actually cost to make either. I read a story from a lady in a facebook group how she made a space/planet themed blanket for her grandson to fit his bed. She spent a lot of money on the fabric and supplies and spent hours working on it. She was happy to do that for her grandson but later when she was browsing an online auction site she saw it listed by her daughter. It broke her heart. It sold for so low too.