Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Shopping at Home

Online boutiques have just gotten awesome.  Maybe I'm just slow to realize it but there are some great online boutiques out there!  Here are a few that I like to frequent.

Duh, it's awesome.  It's also where i got my bridesmaids dresses last year!

Salvage Life
I've bought a really cute vintage, mustard floral dress from here.  Love it.  Buy bought I really mean won!

I just discovered this one on this girly's blog.

It may be my new ambition to work for an online boutique.  You have to be part blogger, part fashionista.  I feel that could really work for me.  Now if only I can find one based in St. Louis.  Or even better, CHESTERFIELD!

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  1. i love all of these! i love the herb garden too! thanks for visiting my blog ...hope to c u again