Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Midwest Modern

I work in O'Fallon Missouri.  It is less than 20 minutes away from my house but I do cross the Missouri river to get there.  If you thought train tracks divide cultures in a community, imagine what a difference a river makes!  I honestly thought we would be the same when I started working there.  I thought that most people that lived in O'Fallon got their start in North County at one time and eventually moved out west just like I did!

I think the women are a little Southern.  They are open about liking country music and dress their kids in the most adorable way!  They all wear big bows and home made looking Amy Butler dresses and carry Vera Bradley bags.  These little kids are so traditional and cute!  All of the little girls that I'm around wear ruffles, tutus, skirts and clothes that are little versions of their mothers.  The O'Fallon kids look like little kids and it is so cute.  I can't figure out where this trend is coming from.  One of the websites I looked at called it Midwest Modern.  It seems more southern to me.

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