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2011 PR 04 Streaming Thoughts

2011 PR 04 Streaming thoughts

Episode 3:  All about Nina!
I love Nina, She reminds me of my mom.  If my parents dressed up for Halloween I would want my Dad to go as Michael Kors and my mom as Nina Garcia!

Yikes, Nina is specific.
Nina’s style is so sophisticated and polished, I think Anya will struggle.
I haven’t liked Julie from the beginning.  This may be her week to go.
Pressure is on Cecelia!  It might be fun to see her under pressure!  She is a whiner.
Uh oh Anthony and Becky have the same fabric!  Sounds like Anthony had it first.  Oh well.
I like Danielle, I hope she does ok, because her garment looks a little Wicked.
This might be the week that Anya’s true skills show through.  Yikes!
I love that Tim said, “Yikes!”  I say that!
I don’t know how I feel about people helping other people.  I kind of agree with Viktor.  This is an individual designer competition.


Anthony:  I don’t like the skirt at all.  I don’t like this look.  Boring.

Anya:  It looks like it needs to be pressed or something.  Is it just me or is that center seem a bad fit?!?  The idea is lovely.  The fabric did turn out well.

Becky: She won the fabric competition between her and Anthony.  I like this look.  I hope she doesn’t get knocked down a lot of points just because the fabric was used by two different people.  I like Becky.

Bert:  So simple.  Nothing exciting, boring.

Bryce: Yep that hem is bad.  The dress is nice other than that.  But I know from experience a bad hem is enough to get auffed.

Cecilia:  I think the idea is ok.  It looks sloppily made.

Danielle:  Eck.  This didn’t work out.  I like Danielle but this was a miss.  I hope she is safe because I like her.

Joshua M:  I don’t know how I feel about the apron front.  It is a fine look I don’t see Nina liking it.

Julie:  Yuck Yuck Yuck.  Horrible fit.  Needs pressing.  She just has bad taste.  That’s the bottom line

Kimberly:  I like this.  I think Nina could wear this and it works!

Laura:  This is lovely.  It is a little holiday green, but I like this a lot.

Olivier: Oh Oli, you are so cute.  I love this look!  It looks Nina-esque but still definitely Olivier!

Viktor:  I like this silhouette.  I think it works even though it is a boring black.

Viktor:  They were nice to him and liked it.  I liked the skirt and top option.  You can’t even tell it is separates!

Julie:  They are being kind do this really ugly garment.  Thanks Michael, it is a sad housecoat!

Cecilia:  It’s just poorly made.  I agree with what they are saying.  I think Cecilia’s expression just looks like that, I don’t think she is unhappy.

Kimberly:  They love it, and so do I!  I can’t believe Laura thought it was in the bottom.  I like the Maria Clair Editor.

Anya:  They love it.  It does work for day to night

Danielle:  Pedestrian has never been such a horrible word.  Wow, She said Danielle would be depressed after this episode!  Eek.

WINNER!! Kimberly:  Well deserved!

Julie is out.  It was time.  These next few weeks will be to weed out the mediocre designers.

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