Monday, September 10, 2012

Monday Book Club

I've been reading some graphic novels.  It is something I have had almost no exposure to and just walked in the library and picked some.  I also looked at some lists on  Here are the ones that I actually liked.  There are a lot of weird ones....
This graphic novel is by Jim Henson!  I just watched Being Elmo a few weeks ago and now have a new found respect for all things Jim Henson.  It's a fascinating story told with very few words.  It seemed like a dream.

I've always been a fan of the movie Great Expectations, but had never read the book!  I found that in the graphic novel section of the library there are a lot of classic books adapted into comic books!  I love the story.  The illustrations are haunting, which is so fitting for the book.

This is a famous graphic novel, that was even made into a movie.  (I still need to see it)  It's basically a coming of age story about a girl who grows up in war torn Iran.  I like that she is a girl who was interested in the world around her, yet still wanted cool shoes and talked back to her mom.  It was a very real story.  Great for upper elementary school girls!


  1. Thanks for the suggestions! I've been wanting to check out some graphic novels as well. I actually have one that was given to me as a present... and is the first in putting King's "Dark Tower Series" into graphic form. I love to look at it, the images and all, but haven't taken time to read it because I already know the story. Gaiman's "Sandman" series is one graphic novel group that I keep meaning to check out. Anyway... the Henson one sounds great! Oh... and I saw the film version of Persepolis... very good.

  2. I tried reading the dark tower series and it was too dark for me. To be honest reading graphic novels is a skill. I felt like I wasn't reading it right and kept getting confused. (yes, I realize that makes me sound like an idiot). I read half of the first book of sandman and am very interested in it!