Thursday, January 24, 2013

Kitchen misadventure

I just want to admit that I like trying new recipes and expanding my own pallet, but sometimes I fail.  Big Time.

I found a recipe for a "low country shrimp chowder" and it sounded delicious.  Reading recipes while cooking can mean that I go out of order sometimes, or all together forget an ingredient.

So with this chowder I'm looking at the list of ingredients at the top and see that I haven't missed one.  I'm skimming the instructions and see that I did everything in order!  So why did this soup cook super fast and  is now burning in my pot.  There obviously isn't enough liquid!  oh, water doesn't show up in the ingredient list?  ....only the instructions?....hmmm....that's stupid.

I missed the part when you add 6 (read it, six) cups of water!!! whoops. So I had crunchy rice and corn in my really watery soup (because I added it in the end).  It was gross.  I couldn't eat it.  It was a lot of waisted food.

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