Thursday, February 7, 2013

Friendship Bracelet

I love stacking bracelets around my watch for an arm party, and I've jumped hard on the friendship bracelet trend!  Here's a little how-to guide to make your own.
Step 1:  Find a chain jewelry item.  I happened to be going through my grandmother's unending stash of jewelry and got to come home with this bracelet.
Step 2:  Pick out fresh new colors of yarn or embroidery floss and tie it to one end of the chain.  I chose yarn because my chain bracelet was on the large side and I liked the thickness of the yarn with it.  (PS.  Cut long pieces.  To do this bracelet I used about 2.5 yards of yarn!)
Step 3:  Start wrapping!  If you know anything about the blanket stitch, that's basically what I did.  Just wrap the yarn around the chain and stick the yarn end through the wrapped part to create that line of twisted yarn. (In the picture just pull the loop until the end comes through.)
Step 4:  Wrap and Wrap and Wrap until your are done.  Ta-Da!

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