Wednesday, October 30, 2013

DIY- Embellished Sweater

Last year J. Crew had a sweater like the one pictured above and I loved it.  I just didn't love the price point.  I looked at that beautiful sweater and had the same thought that I'm sure most of you have all the time, "I could make that!"  Well, guess what, I did.  Here is a little how-to for your benefit.

I got this simple sweater at Target, on sale!  It's incredibly soft and I think it was right around $12.  You can't beat that.  It's actually a pretty sweater by itself, but I thought it could use a little something...

So I went to Michael's Craft Store and bought these puffs for about $2.

I lined everything up and decided that for my size puffball, it looked best laod out on a 2" grid.  So there are 2" between each ball.

I marked each section with chalk.  As I sewed on the balls, the chalk already started to fade away.  At the end I didn't even have to wipe away any of the chalk.  If you do have some left over though, just use a dry cloth or the sleeve of the sweater.

I threaded my needle with thread and sewed with the thread doubled up, like the picture above.  I literally just stuck the needle through the middle of the ball and sewed around it, on to a little piece of the sweater until it felt secure.  I wrapped the thread around the ball three times.  I then pulled the thread to the underside of the sweater and tied it off.  You can see the under side of the sweater in the picture on the right.

This year at J. Crew they brought back the same sweater but with smaller puffs.  Guess what?  Michaels has those smaller puffs for the same $2 too!

There you have it.  Let me know if you have any questions.  If you decide to do it too post a picture on instagram with the following tag #fiberinstastyle 

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