Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Valentine's Date

Last Saturday my boyfriend and I went on our Valentine's Date. We had to do this because I am away at school and he goes to school near home...therefore we are apart. Sometimes this hurts my heart but this will only make us stronger in the end. (or so says everyone, whatever ...I miss him).

Before I tell you about our date I must give you some history first. Around the time of his birthday in September, he made this image of himself....
He thinks it is hilarious. He really wants a tshirt with this image on it. He knew it would be weird if he made it himself, perhaps he would be perceived as a little cocky. Well, that's what I seriously thought about it. I kept saying, "No, I'm not going to feed your ego and make a tshirt of yourself. I won't do it!"

Then he kept expecting me to do it for Christmas and I refused again.

So then it was almost Valentine's day. I thought now he doesn't expect it, I'm going to make it for him.

He came over before the date to pick me up and I surprised him with a cake with our initials on it.

(this is my first successful double layer cake, by myself! I was more proud of this than anything)

So after our date I told him we had to go back to my house for dessert before we went to his house to see the tivo-ed Lost. (I know we are geeks. I only let him watch Lost with me because I want to watch it too.) So I told him that while we were at my house I wanted to change into a tshirt and jeans instead of my date clothes.
He had no idea it was the shirt he always wanted. We sat around. I kept saying things like, "Oh my shirt smells like new shirt." He sniffed it and agreed. But in reality it smelled like the spray-paint that I had used on it. We ate cake and talked for about 30 min. Then I was getting ready to go to his house and hid the shirt I made him in my purse because I knew he would have to notice eventually. As I was putting on my coat he realized. He was stunned and so excited and that was fun to see. Now he loves his shirt. He wore in the next day to work and to show all of his friends. I don't think he could be more proud. I liked making something special for him.
I bought a children's craft foam sheet. I free-hand drew the image on it and cut it out with an exacto knife. Then I took some outdoor furniture silver spray paint and sprayed it on. That stuff is so good because it will NEVER come off. It was fun and I'm glad he likes it. I want glad I could do something for him on Valentine's Day.

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