Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Baby Craziness

My sister just had a baby February 9th. I know I'm a proud aunt.
There is nothing better than being an aunt. I get to try out all my home-made weird ideas and because my nephews are so little they don't even know they are getting a present. I'm sure when they get a little older and realize what a present is they'll love it. I am the cool young aunt.
Anyways...the other night I was avoiding some homework (what's new) and I made some onesies for my new nephew, Asher. I thought you might like to see them...
Yeah I made them really easily. Anyone can do this faux screen printing. All you need is freezer paper, and iron and some paints.
1. I cut out all of the images from the freezer paper.
2. Then I took the left overs and ironed them on the clothe.
3. Next I squirted some puff paint on the left over holes and used a sponge brush to make the paint smooth.
4. Let them dry over night and peel the paper away and prepare to be amazed. (I sure was)

I love making slightly alternative baby clothing. Something that is brightly colored and sometimes witty.
oh yeah, the kid...here is the cutie!

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