Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween Errrrrybody

Halloween is here.
Honestly this is one of my least favorite holidays...(because everyone uses today as an excuse to dress skanky and gross)but with some persuading I ended up making a costume, again! and carving pumpkins. I had a good time hanging with my friends. Whatever.Here is my costume from this year 07.
I bought 2 of these sweatshirts from walmart ($5 each) and converted them into this slimfit hoodie with ears and a care bear power belly. I'm bedtime bear because I still have a bedtime (it's 9 oclock). It was the perfect idea for a kid like me who is not really into it. I was bearly dressed up but everyone knew I was a care bear character. (I tried to be the opposite of skanky and think I succeeded quite well)
Here is what I did last year. I was really excited for it and spent a LOT of time on it.

I'm a flamingo.
I shortened my Senior Prom Dress and added feathers all over it, made a mask and dyed my tights yellow (a lot of that dye ended up on the carpet of my dorm room, never to come up)

Pumpkins I have less luck with...Not nearly as cute or creative, I copied my design this year from someone who put theres on Craftster.

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  1. I think that costume is simple and fantastic. Besides... who doesn't love a Care Bear? ...and your pumpkin rocks... copied or not... You were festive in spite of yourself. :)