Monday, November 12, 2007

It tastes sour

So I have a store on etsy. It is called babyswear.... My first item that I listed was a baby mohawk hat. I was the only one with this on etsy. I thought that was great and everyone would love it and someone would buy it. That didn't happen.

Today I searched to see if anyone else was making them. Now someone has a whole store called baby rocks mohawks! This is the first time I think someone has stolen an idea off me and made more money off of it. They've sold 40-something items!

I'm just really jealous. Oh well


  1. Oh how sad! If I had a baby, he/she would definitely be wearing one this winter. In fact, save one for me....

  2. What does that mean Laura?!?!?

    I hate stealers... and dude... if I'm ever in the market... I would ONLY by my baby mohawks from you. I'd pay you cold hard cash... seriously... if you could come up with a cat mohawk that would tie or velcro on or something... The base would have to be black and the hair something that would stand out from the black.

    OR... I need an idea for their Christmas card this year. Can you come up with cat elf ears or a beard or something?!?

  3. I'll see what I can think of Dani.