Thursday, April 17, 2008

baby washcloths

So I've been embroidering some baby washcloths on and off for the past two weeks.

Here was item number one.
It's a little off center, but my first try.

This is number two. The snail and the red herring(?) are images that were inspired by images from this book. (Which sadly to say isn't a really great book to learn how to embroider with but has some really cute projects that could be made cool) The book that I actually learned how to embroider with was this.

Here is my latest one that I did today.

Close up.

(I suck at life)
I toyed around with a bunch of phrases to put on this. I thought I might do "I suck" or "Suck it" and my bf informed me that it was a little too inappropriate for a baby washcloth. He doesn't know that I ended up with "I suck at life" but I think over all he would approve.


  1. I think they are fabulous. I had a bedspread as a kid that my grandma made... (still have it) that had all the state flowers and birds embroidered on it. I'd stare at it for hours. I don't remember them now... but in gradeschool I knew them all. I think you should do a baby blanket like that... start the learnin' out early and all... I'm just sayin'... or a summer dress!