Saturday, January 3, 2009

Wedding Bliss

I love all things weddings. Weddings are so romantic, filled with so much drama and emotion. All my favorite things get amplified when there is a wedding version of them. For example: My favorite parts of AFV (America's Funniest Home Videos) is when bride's veils catch on fire during ceremonies...I know who'd think that happened often enough to get it's own AFV montage. My second favorite think to watch on AFV is old people dancing and falling down at the wedding reception. My two favorite blogs are cake wrecks and once wed. I watch the style channel a lot and I watch Who's Wedding is it Anyway whenever it is on. My internship this past summer was with David's Bridal.

So when my best friend got engaged I may have gotten a little more than excited. I am just a witness to her awesome vision for what she wants her wedding to be like. Which is exactly were I want to be. I am getting to ask her questions and she very lovingly obliges to my persistence. I feel like all of my favorite things are happening in real life and I'm so excited!

Don't misunderstand me though...I do NOT wish for my best friend's veil to catch on fire during the ceremony, I want her cake to be beautiful. I do kind of want to see an old person fall down at her reception though, as long as no hips a broken.

So back to what this is really about...Ashley is letting her bridesmaids pick different dresses from a line of bridesmaid's dresses. This excites me. My loving boyfriend who is sooo glad that I don't work for David's Bridal anymore (because that somehow made our relationship unhealthy...hmm) gave me photoshop for Christmas! I probably will never do anything crazy with it. I'm just trying to learn it right now. are my top 4 picks from the Charsa Designs collection.
What I took away from my slow learning of photoshop experience was deleting backgrounds, and changing spacing on fonts. I also learned a lot of the shortcuts which is a necessity.


  1. Awesome! I like the one on the end. :)

  2. Just because I'm out of the country, doesn't mean I can't read about your hopes for the old people to fall over. You know old people make me cry.

  3. So... you gonna see that Bride Wars movie?