Thursday, January 1, 2009

December is Over, Hallelujah

oh yeah, and Happy New Year.

I had a really busy and stressful month. I had a lot to do at work. I had papers to finish for school. I graduated. I made all of my Christmas presents. I got the flu. I gave everyone I know the flu. I some how managed to dread Christmas this year! I know! When Christmas Day rolled around I found it to be the best yet. It was a relaxed day filled with family, laughing, and food (even though my tummy wasn't fully recovered from the flu yet). It was so so GOOD! I loved celebrated Jesus's birth with my family and truly enjoying the joy of the moment.

Yesterday, New Years Eve, I had a fabulous time with my boyfriend. He took me up in the arch! Then we went shopping and met up with my friend Alicia (an old college roommate). After I bought Brian some Christmas shoes we went grocery shopping and ran into more friends Betty and Jason. We then took pizza fixin's home and brought in the new year with Ashley and Nate!

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