Sunday, March 15, 2009


While I was growing up my dad loved to watch twilight zone, Hitchcock, and other sci-fi/mystery programs. One day my dad and my sister watched the Twilight Zone about the blue people. The premise of this episode is that "blue people" have to set up every minute in time. They have to create it. So the "blue people" know that at 9:03am I will be walking into my bedroom after breakfast, so they only set up my bedroom, putting everything into place. Sometimes the blue people run out of time and not everything that was supposed to be put in the room gets there.

So this would explain why sometimes you look EVERYWHERE for something (say your keys) you walk out of the room and come back and they are lying on the table. That's when you blame the blue people.

Even though I have never seen this particular twilight zone blaming lost things on the blue people is a common occurrence in my family. I think Emily has even blogged about this too.

So I lost my favorite headband months ago. I knew I had left it in my car and then never saw it again. So then today I found it right next to the seat belt! Stupid blue people!

I have also been missing my favorite hair clip with feathers ever since Thanksgiving!! I'm waiting for the blue people to catch up with me.
I'm just hoping today is the day they put it where I last saw it, in my closet. I would then have no more beefs with the blue people.


  1. I think a lot of the Blue People are laid off at the moment... the economy and all... so the ones still working are having trouble keeping up...

    That's my theory anyway... because I'm missing A LOT of things...