Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I am one of those...

I wake up with the sun and love it. My body naturally starts to wake itself up in the mornings when the sun is rising. So I always found it really hard to wake up for school during the fall semester. This is because the sun would come up a minute later each day. Every day I felt like I got one minute less of sleep! That does NOT feel good.

Oh but the spring is wonderful. The sun rises a minute earlier every day and i feel like I got one more minute of blissfully peaceful sleep.

THEN STUPID DAYLIGHT SAVINGS happens! My body can't catch up with the sunlight! It is up an hour earlier and I feel groggy because my body isn't getting that extra hour of dark sleep anymore. It is waking itself up too early and just having weird fitful sleep for an hour during the sunlight. I HATE it.

I'm a kid who has weird dreams already. I don't need an hour of fitful half wake half dreaming CRAZY vivid dreams!

Having construction done on my house starting at 7 and trying to sleep through that as well is probably the other half of the problem...

Who knows...

I just want to get back with my love affair of spring, sunlight, and morning dew. I want to be your friend again!

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  1. I am use it being dark when I leave my night class at 6:55pm and it just seems weird to leave while the sun is setting. However, the afternoons are beautiful and the weather is fair. I liked your post.