Thursday, March 19, 2009

How Do You Know?

I moved to a new house with my parents in October. At my old house we had large trees that had big red buds that would always bloom too early along with the daffodils and that gave me an early inkling of spring. That's how I knew it was spring.

At my new house there is a huge tree in our front yard that is still completely bare. We have no flowers anywhere. I couldn't even find daffodils anywhere in my new neighborhood. I was very negative about my new neighborhood and it's lack of natural celebratory decoration of the up coming season.

Then earlier this week we received, by the grace of God, blue skies with 70 plus degree weather. I decided to take a run around my neighborhood and my eyes were opened to the signs of spring. I decided to take a nap in my back yard while listening to an audio is what I found in my own new back yard. Sadly it was the first time I had bothered to look in the back.

All of that was in my own backyard! How lovely!
Playing in the park with these kids sure brought up my spirits too.

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