Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Smocking Guild

My mom has always worn many hats throughout my life. The first one that I can remember would be the sewing mom. My mom sewed a lot of my clothes when I was a little girl. She smocked most of them too.

My parents had a picture of me in this little romper when I was four. I probably wore this 89-90. I loved it! What is really funny is that my hair is the exact same as it was in that picture. It's long, parted on the side, and my bangs are being held back by a barrett.
Check out the skill! This is amazing detail of this mouse on the smocked romper! My mom and a few of her friends joined the smocking guild. They met in the library. (All I can remember is that there were a lot of really old ladies in it, and I wasn't sure what they did in the meetings. But afterwords they would go to Apple Bees until 2 am and drink lots of Diet Coke.... and laugh) The only thing I knew was that when the smocking guild ladies came over to the house I couldn't sleep because they were laughing too loud.
How thoughtful of my mom to make this a romper for a little girl who ran around all day. I have another memory of this fabric too. My mom sewed on a skirt out of this fabric to a black t-shirt of mine that we decorated with puff paints. There may have even been some iron on crayons on that T-shirt too. I still love crayons.
This was made in 1994. My mom even won the opportunity to have it photographed for a sewing magazine. Of course my little third grader self got to be the model. It was awesome.
My mom embroidered the alphabet in herbs around the hem of the skirt. How cute is that?

Of course she made me all of the appropriate accessories too.

So the lesson learned is that my mom had an interest in sewing and thought it would be cool to join an old lady sewing club with a few of her friends.....gee that doesn't sound at all like me. It's not like I want to start a crocheting club or anything (anyone interested?)

This is just a post about how awesome my mom is and how much I love her. There might be a few more like this later on this week.

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