Tuesday, July 14, 2009

10 things

Interesting things I've learned since my last post.

1. natgeotv (National Geographic Television) is Awesome! Which leads me to my next fact.
2. River Dolphins exist! Who knew that there are dolphins that live in rivers! Fresh water Dolphins! That's craziness...why don't you learn about awesome animals in elementary school?
3. Buying food is expensive.
4. Shopping at a farmer's market is cheap.
5. People actually do buy the multi-colored cheetah print rhinestone T-shirt from forever 21 and wear it in public. I witnessed it!
6. Life sucks sometimes.
7. God is always good.
8. Motivation is a necessity to my life.
9. Free teeth whitening make me want to go to the dentist more often.
10. Getting a root canal makes me want to go to the dentist less often.


  1. I had NO idea there were river dolphins! Do we have them in the Mississippi?? Also, that picture of a root canal makes my mouth hurt! Poor girl!

  2. Sadly, Diego taught me all about the river dolphins. They're pink!