Thursday, August 20, 2009

Project Runway All-star Challenge Streaming Thoughts

My brother-in-law used to blog his streaming thoughts of the show 24. I thought it was such a good idea that I stole it and now am applying it to Project Runway.

This is my commentary with a few quips from my parents who are watching this with me.

I forgot how much I LOVE Micheal! The glasses were a good choice.
woah, putting all of PRs loudest contestants in one room... good idea? Brilliant idea.
Sweat Pea, your competition, really? Come on Uli you're better than that.
A fool, what an understatement.

UH OH a tim gunn surprise is coming. What will it be?
Woah Nicole Kidman is a fairly big star. Wait, she never said she was going to wear it...hmm.

Liquid Jersey? oh Santino
oh no Daniel, I don't think Tim saying, "surprised" is a good thing.
Micheal, did you grow at all in our absence?
Chris sleeping at the model casting! hahaha
Michael is now Mychael...WHAT?!?
I wouldn't want to dinner celebration either.
I love how Santino refers to sewing and makes it masculine.

Extra Day, What? Extra Look, WHAT? It wouldn't be an awesome PR without a frantic ripping apart of a room.

I'm excited to see look 4. What will happen?
Daniel, I hope you haven't gotten too conceptional on me.
Ah, Daniel's excited to show us...precious.

Runway Show Thoughts
MYchael--Did the judges yawn?
Korto--Beautiful as always, restaurant look, AMAZING
Chris--Costumey but well done
Daniel--I don't love it. So sad... restaurant look is like a unibomber!
Jeffrey--I hate it
Sweet Pea--So sweet...

My Top Three
1. Uli
2. Korto
3. Sweet Pea

What Uli with a low score?!?! Ok I hope Korto wins then
"boobs all over the place, I get a little dizzy"--Oh heidi, you make me laugh.
Why hasn't anyone mentioned Daniel's unibomber look?
Alright Heidi, I get it, you don't like the romantic look.


Daniel... I like him, I'm happy for him, but I wish Korto would have won.

and now for the newest season of project runway.

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