Thursday, August 20, 2009

Project Runway Season 6 Episode 1

Streaming Thoughts

Is intelligence related to thought processes? Come on Charleston.
Louise Black looks Vintage too.
Minnesota boy, I'm not impressed

Red Carpet Challenge...Interesting one to start with.

Who will be the stand out?
(I have a brother sewing machine too)
Don't tell Tim you have big feet, he doesn't care but is too polite to be harsh in your first day together

Minnesota draws anime models.
Ari--Kansas City--Girl meditates... tessellation forms.......OMG
Shirin...I'm looking forward to seeing her work
Johnny:Can't handle the pressure? COME ON Thousands of people want to be where you are... (Dramatic eye rolls and sighs are heard throughout the room)

Well no vocab to describe Malvin
Ari-is cr-a-zy
Mitch 5 inches bigger? really?

hmmm.. a lot of really impressive dresses...I'm excited for this new season.
Minnesota brought the heat to LA
CRAZY ARI 2080 VMA to Nobel Peace Prize
SMOCKING 6 inches now really?
Johnny's is UGLY, what are the judges thinking?
I loved Christopher's...I don't think he'll be a favorite though.
Smocking boy needs to go home.
I want to see Ari do one more challenge.

Yeah, Christopher/Minnesota Boy deserved it this time... We'll see about next week.

Smocking boy is in...

Hmm Too soon to pick a favorite...until next week.

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