Monday, August 3, 2009


Working in retail is no good for my bank account. Good thing I work at one of the cheapest stores in the mall. ... or is it? Sometimes I wonder if I buy more because everything is just so cheap. Oh well, here is my weakness....

I've been getting really excited about fall lately. When the store first opened we had these boots. I wanted them but didn't get them. A few weeks ago we got a cheaper made version of these for $10 more! But what do you know...the better pair from April came in on Friday. Now they are in my room.

Check out the fancy inside. The other pair that was $10 more had an acetate lining!
Because of the new floor set I have a different section in the store. My section shares the same space as the accessories shop. So I bought some jewelry too. I think buying jewelry might be a regular occurrence now (I hope not).So I bought these gold rose earrings in silver too.I bought these bigger earrings because they remind me of the costume jewelry my grandmother and great grandmother have. Now I can wear these instead of the ones my mother inherited and not feel bad because they cost $5.80.

Lastly I bought this dress to wear to Brian's brother's wedding. It's apart of the newest line at XXI called twist.

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