Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Reason why I love Florissant #41

Last weekend Brian's family had a surprise party for his mom's 50th birthday. Brian's dad rented out Old St. Ferdinand Shrine. ( The party was in the school house.) Brian and I were there for an hour in between setting up and party time guarding equipment and such. There were signs all over for a book sale on the second floor of the school house. I looked around and found that they have a book sale every Saturday morning and all proceeds go to keeping up the shrine. I went up there and found 8 awesome books. The total cost was $2.00. I left the crisp bills on a desk up there. Hope they found it.

A few of the books I thought would be awesome journals or novel novels.
Some of the amazing journal titles I bought were.
All the Dark Places by J. Allan Bosworth (1968)
Teen-age Mystery Classics: Haunted Airways by Burtis (1930)
Atlantis The Biography of a Legend by Marjorie Braymer (1983)
Jungle Laboratory: The Story of Ray Carpenter and the Howling Monkeys by Nancy K. Robinson (1973)

Some of them were honestly just great finds that I'll keep and read.
Better Known as Johnny Appleseed by Mabel Leigh Hunt (1950)
I'm most excited about is The Arabian Nights by Grosset and Dunlap (1946) Beautiful

The last two I got are reference books...
From the Bookshelf for Boys and Girls: Things to Make and Things to Do Volume 5 (1963)
-The inside cover alone makes me drool. I am seriously considering doing the activities in this book and blogging about them. It's just that cool.

Science in our World by Herman and Nina Schneider Book 5 (1961)
-I want to do these experiments and read this book! Part of me thinks it's interesting and wonders what has changed and yet another part of me knows that I can't remember anything from this book anyway. I would just benefit from reading this. I hope I can differentiate any old out of date information from stuff that is still true.

I LOVE FLORISSANT. It is cute and quaint. It has a Native American day this weekend. In some ways it feels like a smaller town than Cape Girardeau, but has all the perks of being 20 minutes away from the city. I miss you Florissant.


  1. Kayleigh, I'm pretty sure we grew up with that Arabian nights book. Can anyone back me up on that?

    Also, I have a BUNCH of Dolores' hand me down activity books for kids. Including Things to Make and Do. I'd be happy to share with you!

    Mostly, I love how you find treasures and art out of other people's junk. You (and everyone else in our family) have an eye that sees beauty all over the place!

  2. Awesome! You know... I grew up in Florissant, and I don't think I've ever been in St. Ferdinand's.