Sunday, December 6, 2009

It's beginning to look a lot like

I went to Anthropologie the other day and started to admire their awesome Christmas stuff, so handmade looking!

So I thought, gee I can have my own awesome homemade looking Christmas too!

First I crocheted these snowflakes. I saw them on one of my favorite blogs. I made them into ornaments by adding loops with red yarn.

Then I got an idea for my gift tags this year. I sewed on buttons to tags and tied red yarn in a bow at the end.

When I looked at my little Christmas tree in my room, it needed a topper. So This morning I crocheted a long piece of fabric and tied a bow topper for my tree.

This afternoon I sought my embroidery thread and felt and made this cute little bird ornament. I want to make more of these, so who knows if I will.

I'm kind of thinking of giving my Christmas ornaments away as Christmas gifts too. I haven't decided yet.


  1. You're gonna make the best wife!
    Go you!

    My grandma(Mann)was a wicked crochet queen in her day... very intricate detailed work with tiny tiny thread. One year she made an entire crocheted Christmas tree... even the garland and angel on top. It was pretty cool... In particular, you should try the round ornaments she made. She crocheted the spheres with tiny cotton thread... then blew up small round balloons inside of them and dipped them in sugar water I think. When they dried they were hard balls, and she popped the balloons inside, etc... Kinda fun...

  2. i love those tags! so cute.
    I miss you friend.