Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Project #1 Magnets

Today's date is October 5, 2008 and I just one of the Christmas presents I'll be giving to a few friends and my siblings.


I first put in one of my favorite cartoon movies, Anastasia....

The craft all started when I bought this Science Book that was published in 1961 at a book fair for a quarter!I cut out a bunch of cute pictures to make into magnets...

Then I had to cut the pictures out the same shape as the irregular glass chips I got from Hobby Lobby.
Then I put modge podge on the picture and pressed it on the flat side of the glass chips. When that dried I modge podged the back of the glass chips.

When that dried I stuck a piece of craft magnet on the back!

I got the instructions for this craft from the book Big Ass Craft Book by Mark Montano!

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